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Our Contribution

Nepal needs our support more than ever!


Laundromat is a small fair trade company that does business directly with Nepal.  Our deep and ongoing relationship with our Nepali suppliers has spanned over 20 years and we have weathered many storms together – from political uprising, strikes, rolling blackouts and now earthquake. 


Today, Nepal needs us more than ever.  We are committed to continuing our socially accountable work in a sustainable way.  Concretely, that means helping our suppliers and their employees in any way we can in the short term.  Over the long term, it means continuing to supply them with work and wages, so that they may continue to heal, grow and become self-reliant.


All profits from our sales until May 31st will be donated to:

Patan Hospital Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund

  • Every dollar donated is a dollar received in Nepal, used for treating patients (medical supplies).
  • Access to the relief fund requires consensus from the hospital board – ensuring that funds are used appropriately.

  • The hospital is run and staffed by locals who best understand the needs of Nepalis.

  • Many doctors from abroad participate in an advisory and teaching capacity.

  • Patan hospital is a major teaching facility where the Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) trains local doctors who are willing to practice in rural areas.

  • 6 out of the 9 emergency physicians in Nepal are graduates from the teaching program at this hospital – they were, and continue to be, the first responders to the earthquake.

  • Patan is one of the three cities that make up the greater Kathmandu area.

Patan Academy of Health Sciences

The Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) is dedicated to improving the health status of the people of Nepal by producing doctors who are willing and able to provide health care to disadvantaged Nepalis living in  remote or rural areas.

To learn more, please visit :

Alternatively, based on the recommendation of health care professionals with extensive experience in Nepal :

Ideally we would want to send money to where it is most desperately needed, through channels that are extremely rapid and completely reliable, so that every penny is used for its intended purpose, and not channeled away from those most in need. In reality, this is a balance that is not always easy to achieve. After consultation with many colleagues in Nepal and abroad, we want to give you our own recommendations, but also to give you a few options that you can also consider.

Contributing to the Red Cross :


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